• Marco de Canaveses, Portugal
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Around the camping site you can marvel at touching and romantic landscapes; at magnificent, silent, sky touching mountains- Marco is surrounded by some of the highest Portuguese mountains; at wide water mirrors- we are next to two international rivers (you can try an unforgettable boat trip along river Douro, for example); at cozy old villages where you can meet simple and warm people. If you appreciate exquisite cuisine, you can try our old recipes at any local tavern or restaurant, or, in case you are a very demanding gourmet, visit the one Michelin star restaurant at Amarante, a beautiful typical, small town (where you can also try its gorgeous pastry). The camping site is 500 m from the railway station : 50km from Oporto and 50km from Régua, the capital of Douro world heritage (you can go on the most wonderful, unforgettable train trip along Douro river bank).

  • Tongóbriga

    We can provide some guided tours to the Roman Town “Tongóbriga”if you like.


  • The Romanesque Route

    If refining your cultural knowledge is important when you travel, around us you can appreciate some of the most significant samples of Romanesque architecture, a roman town, roman pieces of roads, a few roman bridges…We are in the heart of “Rota do Românico” ( for those who appreciate history and architecture).


  • Beautiful Landscapes

    If you enjoy wandering around nature, you will certainly love all the official routes you can find around here.

    you will appreciate our natural hills and valleys, rivers and streams, old water mills, old pieces of roman roads, traditional villages…

    Click here for further information.

  • Romantic Paths & Water Streams

    You can go for walks around our estate, we have 9 acres of land along forest paths, alongside narrow water streams with transparent water… You can also picnic where you like, you can take your children and play with them in the transparent water…

  • Douro Everlasting Landscapes



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