• Marco de Canaveses, Portugal
  • geral@ecocampingjuncal.com

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  • Room
  • Tent: + 4m
  • Tent: - 4m
  • Caravan
  • Motorhome

High Season

6.00€ /caravan, per day

7.00€ /motorhome, per day

4.00€ /per adult, per day

2.50€ /per child, per day

Low Season

5.00€ /caravan, per day

6.00€ /motorhome, per day

3.50€ /per adult, per day

2.00€ /per child, per day

Very wide field on the left of the park gate, drinkable water and electrical outlet (6 amp), place for 3 caravans and a lot of space for big vehicle manoeuvres.

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  • Rooms

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    Two cosy and comfortable bedrooms with big wardrobes; entry from the wide, wooden balcony; private bathroom with warm and cold water (breakfast included).

  • Tents

    portfolio item

    Wide field with room for ten tents served by two drinkable water taps and 2 electrical outlets, and a smaller cosy space next to the reception with room for three tents, served by two drinkable water taps and one electrical outlet.