• Marco de Canaveses, Portugal
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If you enjoy the quietness of the countryside you can just come and stay with us. We will take care of everything so that you can rest, feel perfectly comfortable and relaxed and enjoy a deserved holiday in a most peaceful and still country environment. Here you will have the right to personalized service, authentic Portuguese warm and familiar hospitality (in five languages: Portuguese ,English, French, Spanish, and German); you can choose from a range of possibilities: either stay on our cozy camping and caravanning or in one of our two comfortable bedrooms with attached bathrooms; either use one of our four outdoor grills at your disposal if you enjoy preparing your own meals, or choose one of our tasty meals from the menu of our comfortable bar/restaurant. Free parking and free Wi-Fi all over the camping site. We can also organize picnic weddings and birthday parties on demand.

  • Tents

    Wide field with room for ten tents served by two drinkable water taps and 2 electrical outlets, and a smaller cosy space next to the reception with room for three tents, served by two drinkable water taps and one electrical outlet.

  • Caravans

    Very wide field on the left of the park gate, drinkable water and electrical outlet ( 6 amp), place for 3 caravans and a lot of space for big vehicle manoeuvres.

  • Bar & Restaurant

    You can try the Portuguese cuisine if you like but there are other kinds of food, on demand, if you prefer. We have local wine “vinho verde” if you would like to try, but we also have other kinds of good Portuguese wine. Drinking water is natural, pure, and for free. We have a selection of natural, healthy and tasty breakfasts and special menus for tea too.

  • Outdoor Grills

    We have four outdoor grills at your disposal.

  • Local Product Market

    In our small camping shop you can get local, farm, chemical free, fresh, vegetables and fruit, homemade products and handicrafts, as well as camping gaz, ice and anything a camper might need, even if we have to go for it.

  • Cleaning & Bath Facilities

    We have two baths and two toilets for ladies, the same number for gentlemen and we still have a big bathroom for handicapped persons.

    You can use our nice and clean dishwashing sinks for free and our washing machines for just 3 €.

  • Panoramic Terrace

    Large, Sunny, panoramic terrace where you can get a tan, have your meals, stay with your family and friends or whatever pleases you.

  • Outdoor Activities

    We are surrounded by spots where you can practise or just watch all kinds of sports( rafting, canoeing, cross-country, downhill, extreme motorsport, extreme biking, cycling, jet ski, fishing…)

    If you are a nature-lover there are several hiking tours around typical village spots that will certainly please you. If you enjoy picnicking this is the right place for you to stay.

    Click here to find information on local events and means of transport on our blog